“I highly recommend her...Her
lessons encourage active
student participation in a
collaborative learning
atmosphere. Nikki doesn’t just
fulfill her responsibilities and
obligations; she strives for

- Shirley Mantilla
Academic Director      
EIL Ecuador

“Nikki is a caring, engaging,
and friendly person who
consistently focused on
improving her teaching
practice to support her
students’ learning.”

- Elias Castillo
Teacher Trainer
SIT Graduate Institute

You've been such an amazing
teacher. Thanks to you, I have
learned so much Spanish! I
loved your in-class stories,
they're so fun and interesting."
Former Student
San Marin High School

Nikki Bannister, Owner & Founder, ACT Language Schools

Nikki on an overlook above Quito, Ecuador, where she taught English and furthered her own second-language, Spanish.

Nikki on an overlook above Quito, Ecuador, where she taught English and furthered her own second-language, Spanish.

A Longtime Educator

Nikki has been an educator for fifteen years, working as a classroom teacher in both public and private school settings and providing individualized support and instruction as a private tutor for over a decade. She also worked in local government for four years as a bilingual trainer to new employees. She now runs ACT Language Schools of Sonoma County, a private language school that focuses on a natural approach to second-language learning.

A Second (Third, Fourth, etc.) Language Leaner

A second-language learner herself, Nikki began traveling to Central America in high school and has continued to journey throughout Latin America ever since. She earned her TESOL Certification in Quito, Ecuador, and studied Spanish Language and Culture at the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She also travels regularly to the Caribbean on Scuba diving trips.

An Enthusiastic Teacher

Nikki believes in a natural acquisition approach to language. Her philosophy of language education is that it should be engaging, personally meaningful, and stress-free. Nikki uses a second-language teaching method known as TPRS® (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling), which uses highly-interactive stories to provide comprehensible input and create immersion in the classroom. The energy and genuine passion for the language that Nikki exudes in her teaching invigorates both her lessons and her students, making the language come alive!

Guest Teachers

Wonderfully talented guest teachers are brought in to lead special classes, workshops, and events! When a class is upcoming, their bio will be featured here.